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I was one of the producers of What's Your Flava? 2022. The first ever online bisexual cooking and dating show, created with AFTRS. This season which is partly filmed on location and online using Discord and OBS follows the lives of six bisexual singles as they find love using food and culture to connect, or is it seven people this season? This year we had the legendary Natali Caro, the Columbian Sydney DJ, comedian and host and producer hosted this season, making this one of the biggest season's of the show.

As one of my producing roles, I specialised in the role of the marketing producer. Being the middle man between people in our team working on the show and our audience of young people we want to attract. As part of my work as one of the marketing producers, we created a new way of funneling applications, as we wanted specifically people from the bisexual experience to come on to the production. 

Check out the trailer for What's Your Flava 2022 below:

For this season of the series, we had the opportunity with some fantastic organisations and diverse Australian talent. One of the major organisations that we got to work with was GLAAD. The organisation, which is the international leader of media advocacy for the advancement of LGBTIQ+ visibility came to speak to our production crew, something that I felt was extremely important.

Creating this series through COVID made us a creative team really consider how we can make a show that was innovative and fresh, and kept in the ever-changing COVID changing protocols. This is where one of our first ADs and our Casting Director thought of the idea of using Discord and OBS. Using this incredibly inspired me to think about how we can use these programs like Discord or OBS can be used to create content in the future. 

This show was super challenging to produce but it was a fantastic introduction of navigating different personalities, and how we can all work together to make something that is really great.


The Flava Space
The Flava space was the ancillary content that we created for the series. Distributed before each episode premieres to help facilitate the social media marketing campaign to help make this season a success. The Flava space content would go onto the same platform as the main show, will be broadcast on Facebook Watch.

What's Your Flava 2022 will be out later this year. 


Poster for What's Your Flava 2022


Essi Haukamma Judge - Executive Producer
Ash Dunford - Series Producer
Ricky James - Story Producer
Kyle Goldfinch - Marketing Producer
Ruby Swain - Series Director
Zofia Burak - Floor Director
Gil Tamir - Casting Director

Hosted By Natali Caro

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