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INTERVIEW: Just Unapologetically Myself  (2021)
Kyle Goldfinch speaks to Jarad McLoughlin about being part of the LGBTIQ+ community, coming out while also being autistic.

EDITORAL: On Screen Romance For Off Screen Education (2014)

Kyle Goldfinch wrote a editorial piece for explaining the importance of representation and how it can impact the way we live.

INTERVIEW: Kyle Goldfinch on Cannonball (2021)

Kyle Goldfinch spoke to Leigh Russell and Kathy Luu on Cannonball on Orbital Radio about working on some of Sydney's biggest film festivals as well as announcing the Film Festival Guide radio show.

INTERVIEW: 11min 30sec - 27min 40sec

INTERVIEW: Kyle Goldfinch on AFTRS FM (2022)

Kyle Goldfinch spoke to Simon Beaton as part of the Weekly Shuffle on AFTRS FM, about his new short film, and queer and autistic representation in the film industry.

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