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Nate is twenty-three years old, living with autism and discovering the horrors of the brutal gay dating scene in Sydney. Will his experiences of dating in this city end in tears or will he find the man of his dreams?

Nate is a young gay man who lives with autism. After a number of unsuccessful first dates in Sydney’s brutal gay scene he has decided to give up on love. His oldest friend Alison and her girlfriend Christina rally to convince him that all is not lost. Against his better judgement they sign him up to Grindr and began chatting to eligible suitors on his behalf. Nate lets it slide begrudgingly, assuming that no one will be interested in him anyway. Later, to his surprise he receives a message from a complete dream boat, Josh. Riddled with self doubt Nate takes the plunge and forces himself to meet up on a date. When he arrives at the meeting point Nate discovers that not only is he dreamy but Josh is also an amazing slam poet who is performing that night. This guy is way out of Nate’s league... Or is he?

Neuromance is my second film as a writer and i’m working with such a talented group of professional screen practitioners. It can be extremely hard to get a foothold in this industry and I have found my disability to be a real obstacle to being taken seriously. People don’t understand what living with autism is like and often don’t even know what it is. Making this film will be massively beneficial to help educate audiences about living with Autism as well as well as giving me the opportunity to gain a serious credit as a young writer living with a disability. I feel like I have learnt a lot through developing the script with the team and I am excited about the opportunity to develop my skills as a writer and a filmmaker through the mentorship of people like producer Annmaree Bell and the rest of the creative team.

The end result will be a fifteen minute short film exploring the life of this gay main character on the spectrum. This is a queer romance dramedy at heart. A unapologetically queer story of intimacy and identity. 

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Director - Brodie Pyke
Producer - Kyle Goldfinch
Writer - Kyle Goldfinch
Director of Photography - Bailey Fox

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