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Chicane was a film that I directed and wrote about Sam, a closeted gay race car driver who is tied between his own issues with masculinity as well as his possible connection with his team mate Mitch. Will he be able to fall in love with him, or will his own insecurities lock him way from telling Mitch how he really feels?

The film explores masculinity in the motorsport industry. Asking the question of whether this industry through its macho masculine perspective, holds back some of its drivers. It was a super interesting film to work on out of COVID using social distancing as a plot point to show internal homophobia, especially from the perspective of the younger driver Sam as he doesn't want to rock the boat, with his manager. 

Through this, I wanted to subvert the audience expectations of character in the casting process, having the younger more internally repressed Sam, being played by an out actor who in their casting pictures, to be rocking high heels and the out driver being played by a Thor hetero macho type.

Chicane screener is available on request.

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